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Although MARFIN Is still under development, a substantial part is already available for preparing a successful marketing plan.

Using MARFIN you can already:

  • Analyze the market
  • Prepare market forecasts
  • Analyze the competition and develop a competitive brand strategy
  • Prepare a price strategy
  • Analyze the distribution structure of the product and develop a strategy
  • Analyze media and promotion spending
  • Prepare a financial plan for your venture or business

We recommend that you first watch the demo video to get a better understanding of how MARFIN works. Then start with the market analysis section and follow the program step by step.

MARFIN has made special copies of the Demo plan for your personal use. You may change any number or text and see how MARFIN works with a full set of past and projected data. To create a new plan of your own, please sign up for our free trial.

We hope you enjoy discovering what MARFIN has to offer, and we wish you success. Please give us your feedback. We would like to hear from you.