Marketing Plan

I. Introduction

Description of the plan

Company Mission

Business Objectives

Rationale for establishing the business objectives

II. Executive Summary

Product Environment

Marketing Objectives and Goals


Market Share


Summary Of The Marketing Strategy

Market Characteristics

Marketing Strategy

Threats and Opportunities

III. Market and Competition

A. Market


Market Size and Forecast

Market Characterization: Product Lifecycle

Importance of Geographic Units

B. Competitive Overview

Major Competitors

Brand Sales and Shares Trends

Brand Shares Forecast and Objectives

Description of the Competitive Strategy

Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses

IV. Financial Overview

Business Objectives

Profit Objectives

Marketing Expenses

Cost Reduction Plans

P & L Statement

Breakeven Analysis

V. Marketing Strategy: A. Product

Summary of Marketing Strategy

Product Definition

Product Positioning

Competitive Advantage - Advertising Message

Target Consumer Segment

Product Line Composition

Brand Image


Service Policy

B. Price

Importance of Price

Price Objectives

Target Prices per Product Type

Competivie Price Strategy per Brand and Geographic Unit

C. Distribution

Importance of Distribution

Types of Distribution

Distribution strategy

Target Channels and Target Brands per Channel

Competitive Strategy

Possible New Channels

Sales and Share Objectives per Target Channel

Distribution Objectives

Strategy per Determining Factor

D. Communication

1. Summary of the Communication Strategy

2. Advertising Strategy

Advertising Objectives

Advertising Message


Media Plan

3. Sales Promotion Strategy

Promotion Objectives


Promotion Plans

4. Publicity Strategy

5. Public Relations Strategy

VI. Market Research

Market Research Objectives

Research Plan

Marketing Research Budget

VII. Management

Description of Current Organization

Manager Responsible for the Plan

Team to Execute the Plan

Personnel Needs


List of Exhibits