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Importance of a 4P Framework in the Age of Analytics

The 4P-framework provides goal-oriented guidelines for Analytics.

It steers the data collection and the analytical processes toward an effective strategy-making environment while eliminating overlap and conflict within the marketing mix.

MARFIN bridges the gap between academia and business

MARFIN demonstrates the business applications of your analytical findings automatically and offers strategy options. Which option to follow is your decision.

What is a SmartDatabase?

MARFIN introduces an innovative database design, the SmartDatabase. It is a unique marketing platform where data is entered and stored in its marketing context.

Using a SmartDatabase you will immediately understand the strategic role of each number entered.

MARFIN introduces the concept of the Fifth P

The fifth P, profit, the value that the marketing strategy is expected to deliver to the company is often overlooked.

MARFIN makes the numbers talk!

What’s unique about MARFIN is how it analyzes generally available market data in different, creative ways so as to better understand their strategic meaning.

The importance of SmartCharts

MARFIN leads you through the marketing planning process by using the new and creative concept of SmartCharts.

SmartCharts work together with a SmartDatabase to provide you with the most effective system for developing a competitive marketing strategy.

Read what experts say

Professor Philip Kotler
Kellogg Graduate School of Business
Northwestern University

"MARFIN is an excellent tool for professionals to manage a brand. MARFIN is one of the most extensive marketing planning system that I have seen. It guides the planner through all aspects of marketing by following a logical path leading to the creation of a better marketing plan. "

"Marketing professionals will find MARFIN extremely useful in every part of the planning process from initial strategic thinking through planning, implementation and monitoring the marketplace during the year. For business executives without a marketing background, MARFIN will prove to be an easy and practical way to learn to think like a marketing professional."