Our On-Line Course: Marketing Database Analysis and Strategy Development

Our on-line marketing course is currently under development.

Our goal is to design a course for students as well as business executives who want to acquire a deeper understanding of the marketing thought process and its practical application.

The structure of the course will follow the setup of MARFIN The Marketing Manager. It will follow the same logical path and take the participants through each step of the the marketing planning process from A to Z.

The MARFIN system has broken down the marketing planning process in a creative way into over 250 SmartCharts and graphs according to the elements of the marketing mix. Each SmartChart has a predetermined task to perform. The objective of the chart defines the information that it has to communicate. The course will explain the role of each chart in the planning process.

After a general introductory lecture, the series will focus on how to develop an individual strategy for each element of the marketing mix, and finally, how these strategies can be combined into one well harmonized marketing strategy.

A special lecture will deal with the analysis of the Strategy Options planners have in different market situations which in turn will determine what actions need to be followed.

The final lecture will concentrate on how to write a successful marketing plan.

Our approach is unique because it will not only explain the most important marketing concepts but will show immediately how the concept fits in the overall strategic thought process and its application in real life.

MARFIN follows a simple, logical path through the entire strategy development process. This logical path and simplicity are its strengths. Our goal is to communicate this common-sense approach.

Based on the MARFIN marketing management system, Mrs. Irving taught a similar course on Business Analysis and Planning at the Budapest University of Economic Science.

For further information, please contact us at info@emarfin.com