Our Software: MARFIN The Marketing Manager

The goal of designing MARFIN was to offer marketing professionals a digital tool that makes their everyday tasks easy, creative and fun! MARFIN accomplishes all this by breaking down the marketing planning process in a creative way into over 250 SmartCharts and graphs according to the elements of the marketing mix.

What is MARFIN?

MARFIN is a combination of the words marketing and financial. By creating a name from the combination of those two words for this digital marketing management system, we wanted to emphasize the importance of the financial aspects and their consequences to the marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this interdependence is often overlooked.

Why is MARFIN unique?

To accomplish its goal, MARFIN created two new concepts, the SmartDatabase and Smartcharts. They work together hand in hand.

A SmartDatabase is where the data is entered and stored in its marketing context within pre-programmed spreadsheets.

A SmartChart is a chart that has a predetermined task to perform within a marketing framework. The structure of each chart and the corresponding specially-designed functions make MARFIN unique. These creative charts are the essence of MARFIN.

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