Our Platform: A Comprehensive Live Marketing Information Package For Brand Managers

Successful marketing is based on obtaining the right information in the right format. Due to improved technology, most of the research data is already available in the Cloud that users can download either as a report in PDF or as raw data for an Excel spreadsheet. Once the data is downloaded, unfortunately, many companies do not know what to do with it. They hire consultants to explain how to analyze the data and make sense of it. Brand managers also face the hurdle of (a) designing the right spreadsheets, and (b) entering the vast amount of data.

MARFIN was designed to provide a solution to the above problems. Our goal is to partner with a market research firm and offer brand managers a marketing information package in the MARFIN format with already entered data. With MARFIN, the user will receive live data ready to be used for analysis and strategy development at a click.

Providing the user data in MARFIN’s SmartDatabase format will offer the following advantages:

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