Our Book: Making The Numbers Talk

Numbers do talk, indeed, and this book will show you how.

The book begins by explaining the basic concepts of marketing and covers each element of the marketing mix. Then using MARFIN's logic, it explains what data to collect, how to analyze it, and finally how to draw conclusions for developing a successful strategy.

It also deals with the major financial concepts that must be understood in order to know how a business is doing as well as the correlation between marketing and financial strategies. Finally, guidelines for compiling the strategic decisions into a business plan are also included.

What is unique about this book is that it elaborates on the importance of each step of the marketing planning process. It explains how the data can be analyzed in different creative ways so that the planner better understands its strategic meaning. The book enlightens the process from data analysis to decision making and strategy development. It points out how each decision leads to a certain strategy and in turn to action.

This book together with the MARFIN software aims at furnishing the marketing executive or the entrepreneur with a complete marketing workbook that guides them through each step of the planning process.

For students, it is an excellent source of practical information as well as a teaching instrument. By following the MARFIN analytical and planning process, students will develop an understanding of the marketing thought process and how it can be creatively applied in real life.

Projected publication date: 2022

The first version of this book was published in Hungary under the title A Practical Guide to Marketing Planning.

For more detailed information about the book, please look at: www.numbersdotalk.com