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Your new digital marketing consultant

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MARFIN delivers competitive advantage with these key features:

MARFIN answers three key questions:

  • What information you need?
  • How you should analyze the information available?

  • Based on the new insight how to decide on a winning strategy?

MARFIN is your on-line marketing consultant.

MARFIN does the number crunching while leaving free rein to your creativity. It is not the program but you who makes the decisions.

MARFIN makes the numbers talk!

What’s unique about MARFIN is how it analyzes generally available market data in different, creative ways so that you will better understand its strategic meaning.

MARFIN introduces the concept of the Fifth P.

The fifth P, profit, the value that the marketing strategy is expected to deliver to the company is often being overlooked.

MARFIN bridges the gap between academia and business.

MARFIN demonstrates the business applications of your analytical findings automatically and offers strategy options. Which option to follow is your decision.

Topic of the Month: What is a SmartDatabase?

MARFIN uses a SmartDatabase. A unique marketing platform where data is entered and stored in its marketing context.

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